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To update you on our PBS series, Fit 2 Stitch, we are excited as we prepare to film the 700 series. We filmed the 600 series in August 2018 and are in the process of distibution. According to our agreement with PBS, we cannot distribute the videos until airing is started, so we are holding the mailing and release of the 600 series until they give us an air date, which we anticipate to be Fall 2018.. Thanks for your patience.

However, as we prepare to shoot a new series, we need your support. Thank you for supporting "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 700! Each sponsor receives their own Series 700 DVD and pattern, exclusive to this series! We anticipate the distribution to be spring 2019. Here are a few frequently asked questions:

Q: "How long do I have to become a sponsor?"
A: Sponsorships will be available beginning now through June 1, 2018.

Q: "When does Series 700 become available for purchase?"
A: Our 13 Episode DVD series will be availabe for sale the end of March 2019!

Q: "How can I become a sponsor, which level is right for me?"
A: Each level of sponsorship caters to the varying needs of home and business sewers. Click the varying sponsorship packages, then click the sponsor link to enter the Silhouette Patterns online checkout. We hope this helps you find the level that is right for you. We have 3 levels of sponsorship:

• Student Level: You will receive The Little Black Book of DVD's immediately. You will also receive our exclusive pattern and "Fit 2 Stitch" on DVD. Both the pattern and the DVD 4-set series will ship the end of March. Learn More

Become a Student Sponsor!

• Traveler Level: You will receive a New York Fabric Buying Trip (single occupancy) for our April 2019 Trip. Both the pattern and the DVD 4-set series will ship the end of March, 2019. Learn More

Become a Traveler Sponsor!

• Sponsor Level: Become a part of our show! The package enables you to be a part of the show and have your name as a sponsor of the show in the credits portion. Also includes both the pattern and the DVD 4-set series which will ship the end of March, 2019. Learn More

Become a Sponsor and Join us at the Filming!

Q: "When are you filming?
A: We will begin filming the second week of June, 2018.

Q: "Will there be more seasons of "Fit 2 Stitch"?
A: There will be. We are excited that this show is a great hit so we will do more series!

Q: "Contact Info?
A: or 1-800-STITCH5. (1-800-784-8245)

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